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Vietnamese language

    Vietnamese language: Vietnamese is the official language. The Romanized Vietnamese alphabet was developed by Catholic missionaries in the 17th century. English is the dominant second language with some French still spoken. Some English is spoken in the tourist and central business districts of the main cities but in general, English is not spoken in government offices or outside the city.

Biking in Vietnam

    With most of the population getting around on two wheels, whether it be motorbike or bicycle, there is no better way of getting closer to the people than by joining them on the road at the back of a bike. With a range of classic routes available such as the Ho Chi Minh Trail or

Vietnam’s Best National Parks

    BA BE  –   (rGy3@h) Located in the distant misty Northern Highlands about 250km North of Ha Noi lies Ba Be National Park. Centred around a fresh water lake which at 500ha is amongst the 20 largest natural freshwater lakes in the world, the park is home to such animals as the Snub-Nosed Monkey and

The Village Homestay Experience

    To really understand a country and its people you must visit its countryside and immerse yourself in village life. For any visitor to Vietnam spending some time with a local family in a village is a must. With villages often spectacularly located amongst terraced rice fields, on the side of cliffs, in nature reserves or

Trekking in Vietnam

    Whilst there is no doubt Vietnam is a highly populated country, its remote mountainous regions and host of protected areas mean many of the country’s ecological jewels are safeguarded and waiting to be explored by intrepid trekkers. Unlike many other countries, trekking in Vietnam is also linked with exploring the nation’s cultural heritage. Here, the

Vietnam Golf Courses

    Recently named the “Undiscovered Golf Destination of the Year” by the International Association of Golf Travel Operators (IAGTO), Vietnam is home to more than 30 golf courses, of which many are world class, with a further 65 projects underway. Vietnam’s golf courses effectively incorporate the country’s natural beauty. Here you will find golf courses set

Experience Vietnam’s great outdoor

    Drawing yourself away from the busy cities and towns and participating in many of the outdoor sports on offer can be the highlight of a visit to Vietnam. With a mix of challenging golf courses, winding country roads perfect for biking, remote mountain trails waiting for trekkers, spectacular National Parks, and ethnic minority villages complete

Vietnam Festivals & Events

    FESTIVAL WITH A NAUTICAL TWIST In today’s rapidly changing world ethnic and cultural groups strive to hold on to their unique identity and spirit. In Vietnam, one of the most popular ways of doing maintaining this identity is through the staging of a festival or event. Festivals and events allow people to unite and collectively

Vietnam Islands: Best Beaches

    With half of the Vietnam territory covered by ocean it is not surprising that it is also endowed with many beautiful islands. Setting sail or flight to one of Vietnam’s islands provides the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of the mainland. Indeed, there is something about being on an island, being cut

Vietnam Bay, Rivers & Lakes

    Escaping the summer heat or the heave of a bustling city to the peace, tranquility, and fresh breezes of a bay, river or lake is a national pastime in Vietnam, and something every visitor must do. With a high quality mix destinations including World Heritage Ha Long bay, Asia’s mighty Mekong River, and the myriad

Most Beautiful Beaches Vietnam

    Spanning more than 3,000 kilometres, Vietnam’s coastline features infinite stretches of powdery sand, hidden coves, lovely lagoons, impossible boulder formations and tropical islands ringed with yet more beaches. With such an expansive coastline, the different parts of Vietnam’s coast possess distinctly different climates, assuring you of great beach weather somewhere in Vietnam virtually all year

Water Activities In Vietnam

    With its rich diversity of rivers, bays, lakes, beaches and islands it is not surprising Vietnam also has an equally wide array of water based activities. Grab your surfboard and hit the waves on the central coast between November and March. Take in the tranquil beauty of the Ha Long bay limestone cliffs, caves and

Vietnam Marine and Island

    To the north, harbours and hidden bays filled with craggy limestone islands and dense green jungle interiors enchant, enthral and entrap outsiders who are drawn into their majestic labyrinth of misty passages and waterways. Along Vietnam’s central coast in between a handful of historic and ancient maritime cities such as Hue, Hoi An and Nha

Typical cultural festivals in Vietnam

    Traditional festivals are a great tradition and a fundamental cultural practice in the daily lives of Vietnamese people. Whilst there are hundreds of village festivals each year that relate to the attributes of the ethnic group or region where it is from, Vietnam’s national festivals hold special pride of place and can bring gatherings in

The best museums in Vietnam

    NATIONAL MUSEUM OF VIETNAMESE HISTORY Located in Ha Noi in a beautiful French colonial building, the National Museum of Vietnamese History contains a repository of Vietnamese ancient and historical relics in large displays covering each period of Vietnam’s history, from prehistoric artefacts and carvings through to funerary jars, examples of Dong Son drums, and everyday

A heritage rich in culture

    The culture of Vietnam, forged on the back of agriculture and the cultivation of wet rice, is one of the oldest in East Asia, dating back to the Bronze Age. Today, some of the very best of Vietnam’s cultural heritage can be found on the UNESCO intangible heritage list, of which its traditional songs, poetry,

Tangible cultural heritages Vietnam

    Vietnam has one of the longest continuous histories in the world, with archaeological findings showing that people have been living there for more than half a million years. Today, Vietnam is a proud and independent nation that has risen from the shackles of outside control from the Chinese, Khmers, Chams, Mongols, and finally the West.

A world of natural wonders

    Vietnam has a natural heritage of extraordinary biodiversity. Arguably one of the world’s ten most biologically diverse countries, Vietnam possesses about 10% of all the world’s species and contains everything from large mammals including tigers, monkeys and elephants, through to exotic birds and an astonishing variety of plants. Dedicated to preserving its vast natural resources,

Experience Vietnam’s world heritage treasures

    The natural, cultural and historical heritage of Vietnam has developed as a result of two key factors; the impact of its geographic location and the forces of lengthy external occupations. Running down the eastern side of the Indochinese peninsula, Vietnam’s natural heritage characterized by rich biodiversity and diversity of landscape is largely on account of

what do the vietnamese drink?

    DRINKS With its mostly warm tropical climate the Vietnamese have developed a range of refreshing drinks that quench the thirst and revitalise the body. In Vietnam what a person drinks and how it is drunk is considered an indication of their demeanour and is thus often an integral part of building friendships or even brokering

Vietnam’s street food guide

    Across every city and town in Vietnam you will be confronted with a similar picture: crowds of locals sitting hunched, cheek-to-jowl, on small plastic chairs, roaring traffic just inches away, munching, slurping and gnawing over their meal of choice – and having the time of their lives! Street food in Vietnam comes fast and furious,

The best authentic local dishes in Vietnam

    THE BEST AUTHENTIC LOCAL DISHES IN VIETNAM NORTHERN REGION Bun cha By about 11am the sidewalks and streets of the many cities and towns in the North are filled with wafts of smoke from mini fan-powered barbeques grilling the pork slices and meat balls required for diners. Bun cha served with rice noodles, a basket

Authentic Vietnamese Cooking: The family table

    THE FAMILY TABLE The Vietnamese family’s meal presents a sense of community and helps foster a close cohesion amongst family members. Not only important for providing families with time to be together, the family meal is also the principal component of Vietnamese celebrations and festivals. The women of the house are generally responsible for the

The Vietnam’s food experience

    The Vietnam’s food experience Vietnamese cuisine, like its people, is pure, direct and honest. Celebrated around the world for its subtle, simple flavours and emphasis on freshness, Vietnamese cuisine is delicate and healthy and one the highlights of any trip to Vietnam. The food of Vietnam reflects the history, climate and geography of the country

Means, transport when staying in Hanoi

    Airplane: Presently, many airline firms have flights on Saigon – Hanoi line. You can refer to ticket price of cheap airline firms such as Jetstar Pacific and Air Vietjet in the range from VND 0 / way to VND 0 / way. Vietnam Airlines is VND 0 / way to VND 0 / way. To

Cuisines, nosh, special products of Hanoi

    Hanoi food always attracts with special cuisines. Some impassable cuisines when residing in Hanoi: 1. Phở (Noodle soup): The noodle soup is the impassable cuisine when tour to Hanoi. Hang Trong carrying noodle soup is the small carrying on the sidewalk, there is no dining tables for customers except small chairs, a delicious noodle soup

Hanoi’s highlights: history & culture

    Hoan Kiem Lake: The special characteristic of geography of Hanoi is that there are many lakes within the city and the city is surrounded by huge rivers. Hoan Kiem Lake is located in the central of the city with the ancient Turtle Tower in the small peninsula in the middle. Next to Hoan Kiem Lake