Goldmark City Ho Tung Mau str. Cau Giay

Goldmark City apartments Ho Tung Mau street
Goldmark City is the most awaited project of the City’s South West in the beginning of 2015. The classy Apartment-Trade Center-International school complex is compared with a Singaporean space within Hanoi. With a golden location at 136 Ho Tung Mau street, opposite to the lake park which harmonizes a green and cool landscape, the residents can immerse in a relaxing life with their families and loved ones.

Goldmark City apartment lobby

Goldmark City apartment swimming pool


Goldmark City apartment square

Project scale Goldmark City apartments
Goldmark City is a luxurious apartment, office and services distinctive form other apartment projects in: this is different buildings with different functions, separately built to create distinctive space for each area. Specifically:

– Area A is a complex of nine 40-storey buildings with 5000 luxurious apartments, 2 underground floors with 5000 parking lots which account for 54,850 square meters located in the North and South of the project. Each building is designed having a part of the first floor reserved for a kindergarten, providing future “little citizens” with the most convenient facilities.

– Area B is a trade center, office and public service complex locating in the North East of the project.

– Area C is for school fully designed with spacious rooms, playground, gathering ground, experiment garden, sports playground in order to create a comprehensive educational environment for the children.

Goldmark City apartment fountain

Goldmark City is considered the largest green space now, designed classily based on French style but meeting all standards of a Singaporean environment. The project’s green space is reasonably coordinated with a mixture of buildings and green tree garden, each path is lined with trees to bring a sense of coolness and close to the nature.

Goldmark City is an apartment project with the most perfect services such as: outdoors swimming pool (2), indoors swimming pool (2), cinema (3), East-West gastronomic area, supermarket with hundreds of famous international brand names, resting space for the residents to read books, relaxing after a stressful day, kindergarten…

Goldmark City apartment school

Goldmark City’s security system is a tightened 3-tier camera one with the camera system around the project, apartments, facilities with a total number of security staff of 1800 people, which will insure this building to be a dream house for anyone of us.

Considered “a Singapore space within Hanoi city”, Goldmark City is a mini city with full services for a dream-like life. This promises to bring a new wind to the apartment market upon operation.

Goldmark City apartment gym

Goldmark City apartment medical care

Goldmark City apartment supermarket

Goldmark City apartment indoor swimming pool

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