• - Hanoi Apartments/Homes: 445 Lac Long Quan - Tay Ho
  • - Apartment size: 56 to 125 sqm
  • - Monthly rent/sale: 1,500 to 1,700 $/sqm
  • - Bedrooms: 1 bad to 3 beds
  • - Baths: 1 baths to 3 baths
  • - Property Type: Condominium
  • - Tenure: 50 years

Apartment type 1: 2-bedroom, livingroom, one bathroom, kitchen space, balcony, city view, apartment 70 sq m CT2A building
Apartment type 2: 2-bedroom, one kitchen room, one livingroom, one bathroom, balcony, city view & lake view, apartment 79 sq m CT2A building
Apartment type 3: 2-bedroom, 2 bathrooms, 1 livingroom, kitchen space, balcony, lake view apartment 82 sq m CT2A building
Apartment type 4: 3-bedroom, 2 bathroom, livingroom, kitchen, balcony, garden view, apartment 102 sq m CT2A building
Apartment type 5: 3-bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2 balconies, kitchen room, living room, lake view apartment 125 sq m CT2A building

Free Services in Tay Ho Residence: Property Maintenance, 24/24 Security
Living environment in Tay Ho Residence: Quiet & safe, Mixed neighborhood, West-lake view
Furniture in apartment: Natural wooden doors, Natural wooden Cabinet, Wooden Floor, plaster ceiling, Ariston water heater, shower, Inax sink, Italian gas stove
Property: Car Access, car parking, Garden, Elevator, Bright windows, Camera, 01 basement

ho tay residence

Located at Lane 445 Lac Long Quan, next to the West Lake, Tay Ho Residence has a strategic position, in the West adjacent to Ring road 2, in the East and the South-east adjacent to Lac Long Quan and Au Co road, lying closely to North Thang Long Expressway route in the direction to Noi Bai International Airport.

tay ho residence livingroom

Built on the land lot with area of 2.4ha in width, in which land for building high-rise residential building with area of 6,186m2, low-rise residential building of 4,118m2, Tay Ho Residence includes 4 towers from 15 to 27 floors and the low-rise area has high-class villas.
Apartments have areas from 58m2 – 125m2 with design from 1 to 3 bedrooms.
Tay Ho Residence also has utilities such as: business center, restaurant, swimming pool, athletic sport center, medical services, entertainment space for children, underground parking system,…

tay ho residence kitchen

2 thoughts on “For Sale – Tay Ho Residence apartments

  1. Daniel Hewitt

    Dear Mr Lee,

    I am an expat living and working in Hanoi. I have recently sold a house in Singapore and am interested in buying an investment property in Hanoi.
    As of July 1st foreigners can buy in Vietnam and I am interested in the 102 sqm 3 bedrooms apartments or 82 sqm 2 bedroom.

    Can you please mail me with further information on this apartment.

    I am currently in the UK but will be in Hanoi on 5th August.

    Thank you,

    Daniel Hewitt

  2. Cate

    interested in your 3 bedroom apartments for sale at 445 Lac Long Quan.
    We were living in Hanoi as expats until recently but would like to buy an apartment to live in for our return.


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