D’. Palais De Louis Apartments Nguyen Van Huyen

D’. PALAIS DE LOUIS apartment – is not only a classy “Premium Suites”, it is invested by Tan Hoang Minh Group to become a “masterpiece beyond time”. At D’. PALAIS DE LOUIS, every detail is perfect with classic royal architectural style simulating the Versailles palace, with interior and services never supplied in Vietnam before. Hanoi D’. PALAIS DE LOUIS is designed with 10 types of apartments with 10 special interior architectures. The only thing that the owner needs to bring to this apartment is private belongings such as shoes and clothing … the rest has been fully equipped, even the smallest utility for a family.


PALAIS DE LOUIS apartment Furniture

PALAIS DE LOUIS apartment diningroom

PALAIS DE LOUIS apartment bedroom

PALAIS DE LOUIS apartment bathroom

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