For sale – Seasons Avenue apartment Mo Lao

Seasons Avenue apartment Mo Lao, Ha Dong district
Seasons Avenue means “four season avenue”. The investors want to bring a project sealed with imprints of 4 seasons of Spring-Summer-Autumn-Winter, which is the characteristic of Hanoi. The project is a harmony of living space, green landscape and modern facilities, like the fullness of the 4 seasons in nature.

Seasons Avenue apartment Mo Lao location
The project locates in Ha Dong District in the South West of the city, right next to the new administrative center of Hanoi, very convenient and easily accessible through the main street axis of To Huu, lengthened Le Van Luong street. Modern infrastructure is expected to be finished in the near future such as the skytrain in 2017 which will support the residents to commute to the old and new centers of Hanoi in the shortest time. Surrounding the projects are schools, universities, markets and supermarkets as well as national administrative agencies.

Seasons Avenue apartment Mo Lao design
Seasons Avenue Mỗ Lao Apartment Complex is comprised of 4 apartment buildings, with 1300 apartments, each building is from 40 to 41 stories. There are a total of 395 apartments in S1 building, with 11 apartments on each floor.
S1 building has two types of apartments: two and three bedroom apartments. The two bedroom apartments have an area of 70-73 square meters while the three bedroom apartments are 100-105 square meters.
In addition, with a large garden, garden apartments can use the garden area as a part of the apartments, with private doors to the garden belonging to that apartment. The area of the balcony is 1,6-3,6 meters which is used for water circulation, excluding the area for air-con. Balcony area is from 3 to 3,8m.

For sale – Trang An Complex apartment Cau Giay

Trang An Complex apartment Cau Giay
Trang An Complex is a high quality housing project with 2 apartment tower of 23-29 stories, one 14-storey trade tower, 11 villas, 20 attached houses and a 3376 square meters school, with full services, creating the best working and living environment for the residents.

Trang An Complex apartment Cau Giay location
Trang An Complex locates at the triangle of Phung Chi Kien and Hoang Quoc Viet street, one of the central street axis of Cau Giay District, within a crowded and traditional residence of Hanoi. From this location, it is easy to access local transportation and facilities:
25km from Noi Bai International Airport
2 km from the National University, Military Technical Academy, Hoa Binh Park, 3 km from My Dinh Bus Station and South Thang Long, 1 km from E Hospital
Next to Nghia Do Park and sports and recreational centers …

Trang An Apartment design
Trang An Complex is designed into 12-13 apartments from 76-152 square meters (including 2-4 bedrooms) on each floor, suitable with diversified needs of families.

Trang An Apartment facilities
On the first and second floor of CT1 and CT 2, there are shopping mall, services area, kindergarten and community room convenient for all essential needs of its residents.
Especially, right within the Trang An Complex, there is a 1000 square meter school of 3 stories built on a 3376 square meter land very convenient for the future schooling of its residents’ children.
In addition, one 14 storey multipurpose building with all functions like: 4 floors for trade services, 3 office floors for rent (storey 9-11), and two floors (12-14) for recreational and sports services such as: indoors swimming pool, gym, exercies room …

Goldmark City Ho Tung Mau str. Cau Giay

Goldmark City apartments Ho Tung Mau street
Goldmark City is the most awaited project of the City’s South West in the beginning of 2015. The classy Apartment-Trade Center-International school complex is compared with a Singaporean space within Hanoi. With a golden location at 136 Ho Tung Mau street, opposite to the lake park which harmonizes a green and cool landscape, the residents can immerse in a relaxing life with their families and loved ones.

Goldmark City apartment lobby

Goldmark City apartment swimming pool


Goldmark City apartment square

Project scale Goldmark City apartments
Goldmark City is a luxurious apartment, office and services distinctive form other apartment projects in: this is different buildings with different functions, separately built to create distinctive space for each area. Specifically:

– Area A is a complex of nine 40-storey buildings with 5000 luxurious apartments, 2 underground floors with 5000 parking lots which account for 54,850 square meters located in the North and South of the project. Each building is designed having a part of the first floor reserved for a kindergarten, providing future “little citizens” with the most convenient facilities.

– Area B is a trade center, office and public service complex locating in the North East of the project.

– Area C is for school fully designed with spacious rooms, playground, gathering ground, experiment garden, sports playground in order to create a comprehensive educational environment for the children.

Goldmark City apartment fountain

Goldmark City is considered the largest green space now, designed classily based on French style but meeting all standards of a Singaporean environment. The project’s green space is reasonably coordinated with a mixture of buildings and green tree garden, each path is lined with trees to bring a sense of coolness and close to the nature.

Goldmark City is an apartment project with the most perfect services such as: outdoors swimming pool (2), indoors swimming pool (2), cinema (3), East-West gastronomic area, supermarket with hundreds of famous international brand names, resting space for the residents to read books, relaxing after a stressful day, kindergarten…

Goldmark City apartment school

Goldmark City’s security system is a tightened 3-tier camera one with the camera system around the project, apartments, facilities with a total number of security staff of 1800 people, which will insure this building to be a dream house for anyone of us.

Considered “a Singapore space within Hanoi city”, Goldmark City is a mini city with full services for a dream-like life. This promises to bring a new wind to the apartment market upon operation.

Goldmark City apartment gym

Goldmark City apartment medical care

Goldmark City apartment supermarket

Goldmark City apartment indoor swimming pool

D’. Palais De Louis Apartments Nguyen Van Huyen

D’. PALAIS DE LOUIS apartment – is not only a classy “Premium Suites”, it is invested by Tan Hoang Minh Group to become a “masterpiece beyond time”. At D’. PALAIS DE LOUIS, every detail is perfect with classic royal architectural style simulating the Versailles palace, with interior and services never supplied in Vietnam before. Hanoi D’. PALAIS DE LOUIS is designed with 10 types of apartments with 10 special interior architectures. The only thing that the owner needs to bring to this apartment is private belongings such as shoes and clothing … the rest has been fully equipped, even the smallest utility for a family.


PALAIS DE LOUIS apartment Furniture

PALAIS DE LOUIS apartment diningroom

PALAIS DE LOUIS apartment bedroom

PALAIS DE LOUIS apartment bathroom

For sale – D’. Le Roi Soleil Quang An, Tay Ho (Westlake)

D’. Le Roi Soleil – Quang An apartments Overview

D’. Le Roi Soleil – Quang An apartments locates at the triangle of Xuan Dieu, Dang Thai Mai – Tay Ho (Hanoi westlake), Hanoi and is considered a luxurious, classy and steady. The project is a public services, trade, international kindergarten and apartment complex with Neo Classical European design and is the only apartment building project in Quang An Peninsula having permanent red registration book for its residents.

quang-an apartment-view

D’. Le Roi Soleil – Quang An apartments – Favor location
With a favor location in Quang An Peninsula, on the sacred Co Loa-Ba Vi axis and the romantic West Lake, the project boasts a unique and elegant beauty. It locates in Quang An – a place full of cultural, historical and spiritual aspects since thousand years. The project is surrounded by spiritual relics such as Tay Ho Palace, Kim Lien temple, Quang Ba pagoda, Tran Quoc temple, Quan Thanh temple … This is the area chosen by expat communities, VIPs, embassies, international organizations as their residence.
Services and facilities

quang-an-apartment tay ho

Specialized service tower in D’. Le Roi Soleil – Quang An apartments
There will be nothing as wonderful as all your needs on a comfortable living be fulfilled within a hand’s reach.
A services tower will be built separately with 8 floors for living, entertaining and resting of the residents such as: gym, four season swimming pool, modern spa-sauna…The first and second floor will be attached with the two halves of the tower to create a vast trade center, of which the third and the eighth floors will be for services.
Only spending some second in the elevator, and your shopping needs will be satisfied in full and with class.

D’. Le Roi Soleil – Quang An apartments swimming pool

Shopping heaven in D’. Le Roi Soleil – Quang An apartments
The trade center locates in two above-ground floors (the first and second floor) and two underground floors (ground floor 1 & 2) which is the largest in the area. Each floor’s height is from 5-6 meters, creating an airy and luxurious space which will satisfy your shopping needs. The shopping mall underground is the unique characteristic of this project compared with others in Hanoi city.

Attracted with luxurious fashion brand names or sophisticated jewelries, the shopping heaven inside the D’. Le Roi Soleil apartment building will be a perfect destination for its well-deserved masters.

Four season infinite swimming pool in D’. Le Roi Soleil – Quang An apartments
With indoor swimming pool which is only seen in 5 star hotels or luxurious villas, you can easily enjoy private swimming pool with D’.Le Roi Soleil.

D’. Le Roi Soleil – Quang An apartments livingroom

D’. Le Roi Soleil – Quang An apartments bedroom

For Sale – D’. Le Pont D’or Apartments Hoang Cau

D’. Le Pont D’or apartments Hoang Cau overview
Located in the most favored location in the city, on the bank of Hoang Cau lake, the D’. Le Pont D’or Suites Tower, built and designed neo-classically, is destined to set up new standards for modern urban living in Viet Nam

D’. Le Pont D’or apartments Hoang Cau Perfect location
Boasting a dream location on the bank of Hoang Cau lake, in the historical O Cho Dua, center of Dong Da district, the D’ Le Pont D’or – Hoang Cau is conveniently accessible and easily connecting with old and new centers of Hanoi. From the tower, residents can easily reach Hoan Kiem Lake in 5 minutes’ drive, at the same time can quickly access newly developed centers of Hanoi. Thanks to a convenient traffic infrastructure, including the completion of new Hoang Cau, Hao Nam, Yen Lang, Xa Dan routes, the transportation from D’. Le Pont D’or to any location in Hanoi for work, study or entertainment is smooth and fast.

D’. Le Pont D’or apartments Hoang Cau overview

D’. Le Pont D’or apartments Hoang Cau – Resort environment
It will be difficult to find a building covered by green trees and lakes and separated from the noise, yet luxurious and comfortable as the D’. Le Pont D’or within Hanoi city. With clean air and cool surface of Hoang Cau lake, D’. Le Pont D’or will become a “perfect retreat” after a hectic day.

D’. Le Pont D’or apartments Hoang Cau – 5-star facilities
D’. Le Pont D’or – Hoang Cau will bring a luxurious, comfortable living and perfect services to its residents. Built with the most luxurious facilities, D’ Le Pont D’or – Hoang Cau has a modern trade center, a cuisine and classy entertainment areas…

The Tower boasts a four season 400 square meter swimming pool on the second floor, of which 200 square meters lies within the 2.244 square meter service center complex providing massage, gym and bar services… to meet the health care and entertainment needs of its residents. The trade center on the first floor with famous brand names will satisfy shopping need of the residents.

D’.Le Pont D’or – Hoang Cau is one of a few projects in the city having 4 underground levels for parking with the total area reaching 16.244 square meters, enough for each apartment to have 1.5 parking lot for car and 2 for motorbikes.

D’. Le Pont D’or apartments Hoang Cau lobby

Hoang Cau Apartments
D’.Le Pont D’or is a suites tower project elegantly designed with open space aiming at coordinating landscapes of each direction. Pride is infused in each architectural angle of all four faces of the building, harmonizing with the green park and the vastness of the lake which will lessen the heat of the Southern sun in early summer or throbbing with the heart beat of a lively neon light city. Choices are many but will be difficult for people who do not have enough resolution.

The total of 308 apartments is divided into 21 categories different in area size. The design, especially luxurious and smart, was done by a Spanish designer Amalra Rodriguez.

The diversity of choices for a perfect retreat, suitable with usage needs, tastes and styles is a strength of the project. All space in the apartment is naturally lit up and ventilated. The sun and cool wind will cover the whole apartment. From the living room, to the dining room or bedroom, one can easily view the wonderful park landscape. The living room and dining room are interconnected, with easy access to the kitchen and multi-functioned rooms to create a big and classy space. The main bedroom is designed spaciously, with separate changing room and a comfortable toilet.

D’. Le Pont D’or apartments Hoang Cau indoor-swimming

D’. Le Pont D’or apartments Hoang Cau – Swimming pool – Gym – Spa
With a standard and comfortable living space, D’. Le Pont D’or is fully equipped for a luxurious living. There is an indoor swimming pool, which is only usually seen in 5 star hotel or luxurious villas. Having an indoor swimming pool not only reflects the talent of the architectural designers but also reveals an upper-class life of the residents. The GYM is spacious with lots of sunshine and modern equipment and professional staff. The quiet Spa area with natural fragrance will welcome you for your relax and enjoying needs every day. All is elegantly designed to bring you satisfaction within your own time budget.

D’. Le Pont D’or apartments Hoang Cau gym

International kindergarten in D’. Le Pont D’or apartments Hoang Cau

The international kindergarten for children is designed with lively entertainment and study areas and specialized equipment for each kindergarten age and curriculum. You will be totally assured to work when your little angels are entrusted to the professional and committed teachers. The indoor swimming pool and the garden on the rooftop are convenient off-classroom places for your children, providing them with social and natural knowledge. The modern kitchen with clean dining room, playing and waiting area are all conveniently designed with children services to help you rest assured every day.

For Sale – Home City Trung Kinh

Home city apartments location:
Located in the heart of Central Trung Kinh street – Cau Giay district Hanoi, Home City enjoy the whole system of transport infrastructure and social infrastructure was planned and synchronous investment , modernization of the Trung Yen – Cau Giay District .

Home City building

Home city apartment design:
+ Basement : Parking and techniques .
+ Level 1-3 ( inter podium ) commercial center , nursery and parking above .
+ Level 4 : Space utilities indoor and outdoor . Floor 5-25-30 : Apartment .
+ 4 storey podium is designed articulation between buildings to create a commercial space combined utility services to residents , pool , gym , school , office , large play area … wide , spacious and busy .

Home City building1

Home City livingroom

Home City bedroom

Home City kids-room



For Sale – Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh

Located in the most favorable “gold” position of the Capital, with skylights along through floors and lush green garden at 7th floor area of the building, the most luxurious apartments of the Capital Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh was built and designed towards a ranked lifestyle in the center of bustling, modern city.
Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh building is built on an area of 13 039 m2, including two 30-storey towers: luxury apartment tower and Grade A Office Tower. Apartments stretching from the 7th floor to 30th floor, located on the base block including 6 floors of business – service center, supermarkets in basement B1 and 5 basements for parking and other facilities to meet the needs of residents.

Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh building includes 378 luxury apartments containing romantic neoclassical inspiration, in combination with the exterior architectural features with minimalist style, many airy sides and large windows at all bedrooms, to ensure supply of natural light as well as perfect air convection for the whole apartment. Apartments are designed in diversity, with areas from 54m2 to 170m2 and with from 1 to 4 bedrooms, arranged scientifically to maximize utility, provide a comfortable and comfort living space. In particular, apartments at the 7th floor in the tower will be more perfect space with a unique green garden.


Outstanding advantages at Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh apartments
Apartments are designed under open space, divided into particular function space but still flexibly connected to each other.
All bedrooms are always flooded with natural light and ensured air convection
All apartments have balconies / logia separately.
Toilet area is fully equipped with top-level devices: glass bathroom, Lavabo, bathtub …
The kitchen area is equipped with full equipments: kitchen cabinets, electromagnetic stove, odor filter, sink and wash shower …
Systems of wall-mounted cabinets, kitchen cabinets, sink cabinets are designed under modern, luxury style, especially the use of accessories (hinges, door handles …) made in Germany (Hafele or equivalent) for the closing and opening gently, do not make the impact, protect the wood and paint.
Bedrooms are laminated high-class industrial wood floor originated from Europe.
Modern ceiling-mounted air-conditioning system
High-quality ceiling light system
Stable center hot water system
Display door bell system
Main door in Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh: made of industrial wood door
Door lock system Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh: integrated 3 modern control features: fingerprint, mechanical key for backup and code


With the aim to give the residents with remarkable utility life different from modern buildings in the center of the city, Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh – Ha Noi is integrated many utilities in accordance with dominant international standards to bring residents with ranked living standard:
Community living area in Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh: Luxury Lounge hall located at the 7th floor of the building with green view, straight to outdoor glass roofed four-season swimming pool area designed in sophistication, elegance and using high quality equipments will certainly be the ideal location of residential community.
Sports and health training area: the first outdoor glass roofed four-season swimming pool in Hanoi, modern gym room, spa, playground … will contribute to improve the quality of life and living space for residents.
Modern Business Center and Food, entertainment, recreation area stretching from 1st to 6th floor and supermarkets at basement B1 under the standard of business center system under trade name of Vincom Center including types of shopping – entertainment as luxury Asian – European Restaurant; Cinema; Vinplearlland Games entertainment area … will bring to residents and customers with exciting shopping and entertainment stylish.

Parking Area in Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh: 5 Basements for parking with a total area of 54,000 m2 with intelligent management system, Smart flow distribution, ensure to keep adequate care for all vehicles (cars and motorcycles. .) of residents and visitors.
Security System in Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh: Managed directly by the Employer (Vingroup) with system of surveillance cameras 24/24 at all key positions, will give residents with a perfect, healthy, comfortable life, in a modern environment.

For sale – Cau Giay Discovery complex

Discovery Complex: Apartments, Offices & Trade Center

Discovery Complex located at 302 Cau Giay, is a complex including business center, offices and apartments. Discovery Complex Project with Keangnam Building and Lotte Tower are considered the 3 giants of Hanoi Capital. The Works were built by the Employer Kinh Do TCI Group with dedication to create a ranked-scale works for a new appearance for Cau Giay district. A perfect living space with full amenities brings a luxury and modern lifestyle.


discovery building

Modern, luxury but environmentally friendly is a guideline for development of Discovery Complex project. All systems in the building are especially focused by the Employer in the design to protect the natural environment and the living environment for residents of the project. Intelligent, fine landscape design often ensures wind and natural light sources to each apartment. Artificial swimming pool has width more than 400m2 designed at the middle of two towers like a miniature lakes, with effect of “cooling off” to bring an airy living space and fresh air.

discovery complex building1

Understanding the infinite value of green space in modern life, the project developing unit has decided to dedicate an area of four floors to create real gardens. Following the architectural trends of sustainable development with the environment, the design style of natural harmony with the landscape of Discovery Complex not only creates harmony in architecture, but also provides the perfect living environment for all future owners.

discovery complex reception

Besides these “green” factors, the residents also enjoy perfect utility system. With 8 floors for business center and 5 basements for parking, the project provides more than 1,200 car parking lots and appropriately 4,000 motorcycle parking lots, guarantee to absolutely meet the needs of the future families. Besides, the utilities of high quality standards such as swimming pools, multi-purpose gym room, spa, kindergarten … also contribute to build Discovery Complex to become a closed community with full amenities for a civilized and quality life.

discovery complex swimmingpool

Discovery Complex design:
Being invested in details in design, each apartment in Discovery Complex has flexible arrangements to optimize the use area and ensure the circulation of air and natural light for the apartment. All rooms in an apartment can welcome natural light and have airy views. Space is also arranged reasonably to bring convenience for daily living, both containing modernity suitable to young lifestyle, and respecting privacy of Vietnamese family tradition.
Luxury Discovery Complex is designed with various apartment types

discovery complex bedroom
– 2 bedrooms, 2 toilets with various areas including: 87m2, 94 m2 and 96 m2 from the 9th floor to the 26th floor
– 3 bedrooms and 2 toilets: 133 m2 from the 9th floor to the 46th floor
– 3 bedrooms, 2 toilets, 1 room for home help and store with areas: 143 m2 (from the 9th floor – the 46th floor ) and 147 m2 ( from the 27th floor – the 46th floor)
– 3 bedrooms, 3 toilets and 1 multi-functional room with areas: 182 m2 and 185 m2 from the 9th floor – the 46th floor

For Sale – Tay Ho Residence apartments

Apartment type 1: 2-bedroom, livingroom, one bathroom, kitchen space, balcony, city view, apartment 70 sq m CT2A building
Apartment type 2: 2-bedroom, one kitchen room, one livingroom, one bathroom, balcony, city view & lake view, apartment 79 sq m CT2A building
Apartment type 3: 2-bedroom, 2 bathrooms, 1 livingroom, kitchen space, balcony, lake view apartment 82 sq m CT2A building
Apartment type 4: 3-bedroom, 2 bathroom, livingroom, kitchen, balcony, garden view, apartment 102 sq m CT2A building
Apartment type 5: 3-bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2 balconies, kitchen room, living room, lake view apartment 125 sq m CT2A building

Free Services in Tay Ho Residence: Property Maintenance, 24/24 Security
Living environment in Tay Ho Residence: Quiet & safe, Mixed neighborhood, West-lake view
Furniture in apartment: Natural wooden doors, Natural wooden Cabinet, Wooden Floor, plaster ceiling, Ariston water heater, shower, Inax sink, Italian gas stove
Property: Car Access, car parking, Garden, Elevator, Bright windows, Camera, 01 basement

ho tay residence

Located at Lane 445 Lac Long Quan, next to the West Lake, Tay Ho Residence has a strategic position, in the West adjacent to Ring road 2, in the East and the South-east adjacent to Lac Long Quan and Au Co road, lying closely to North Thang Long Expressway route in the direction to Noi Bai International Airport.

tay ho residence livingroom

Built on the land lot with area of 2.4ha in width, in which land for building high-rise residential building with area of 6,186m2, low-rise residential building of 4,118m2, Tay Ho Residence includes 4 towers from 15 to 27 floors and the low-rise area has high-class villas.
Apartments have areas from 58m2 – 125m2 with design from 1 to 3 bedrooms.
Tay Ho Residence also has utilities such as: business center, restaurant, swimming pool, athletic sport center, medical services, entertainment space for children, underground parking system,…

tay ho residence kitchen